Thursday, December 30, 2010

Where have I been?!?!

I'm sorry I've been so absent around here lately. To be honest, I've just been completely run-down and not doing so great. I've been battling this weird GI issue on and off for about 8 months and it has finally come to head over the last month. My energy, motivation, and passion has waned with my health.

In the midst of all of this, Ava had her nutritional panel which showed a dangerously low iron level...slight chaos has ensued.

Then, to top it all off, Mike ended up being REALLY sick...I mean REALLY sick...over Christmas. So I cancelled the festivities. Within a few days, I got it too. Fever (that has finally seemed to subside after 5 days), chills, aches, skin pain, and sleepless nights due to hours upon hours of coughing, and just exhaustion...

So I still have alot to say, alot to tell, alot to share. I've just been trying to get through each day without the medics having to drag my limp and lifeless body up the stairs (oh how I loathe a two-story house sometimes!)

Thankfully, my parents took Zoe home with them on Monday. I was pretty much in bed from Sunday afternoon until today. Mike spent half a day on Monday working and came home completely wiped out. So we've both been able to just hang out and rest.

Sweet little Ava just hung out and watched movies in bed with me. We threw a tube feeding her direction now and then (not easy when you're shivering and riddled with a fever) and changed a diaper here and there, but she's pretty low maintenance. She just likes to be with us.

On Tuesday, I loaded up on Tylenol to get my fever down and then had to go get some brewer's yeast for Ava's formula. I also decided to stop by the park so Ava could run around and let out some energy. I told her that I was sick and she needed to play while Mommy sat on the bench. "OK" she muttered as she ran off.

So I sat there with Apollo, feeling so-so and thinking, "Great, maybe this is passing and I'm going to be fine." Then...the shivering started, the body pain started. By the time we got to the car, my teeth were chattering. 

We got home and I had a hard time walking into the house I was shivering so hard. I could barely keep the thermometer in my mouth I was chattering so bad. Sure enough, my temp was climbing.

So I played this cat and mouse game with Tylenol and temperatures for 5 days. I seem to be on the downhill run of this thing. I just took some codeine in hopes of having a coughless night tonight (crossing fingers) and thinking that tomorrow I'm going to feel better.

I will resume my blog activities shortly. I want to add an e-mail subscription option and some pictures and videos. I will also tell you more about Ava's vitamin levels and what's been going on with that as well as my GI issues.

In the meantime...enjoy!

Frosting...if only she'd eat it!

Love Disneyland at Christmas!

That haggard/exhausted/disheveled look is the new chic for mommys everywhere.

Disneyland ferris wheel in mid-December...IN SUN DRESSES!

90 degrees at Disneyland...too hot and crowded...let's go to the pool.

CUPCAKES! Gluten-free of course.

Just being silly.


  1. Love the pictures! I'm praying you get better soon. Dennis had over Christmas/his birthday too, It's nasty. Take care of yourself, wish one of us was closer to each other and I could help you out!

  2. Sure hope all of you get feeling better soon and I hope the doctors can figure out your GI issue so you can get better!!
    I love the pictures - the girls are just adorable!

  3. Hi Stephanie! I'm a new friend - found you on the Tuesday blog hop. I absolutely love your photos!

    HOpe you'll stop bye and visit.

  4. I could have written this post!
    I was having horrible GI problems, and I was down because of it. Then I was diagnosed with Celiacs. So finally one the road to recovery there.
    I also had that horrendous flu too!
    Anyways, you don't know me. But I wanted to share.

  5. Your version of haggard, exhausted and disheveled is much better than mine, sadly (for me).

    Dropping in from BabyCenter. You have a couple of beautiful daughters. I hope you're all feeling much better and that you get some concrete answers for Ava soon.


    Shan :+)

  6. Tx for sharing your experiences. My son has been tube fed and on the ketogenic diet for 5 yrs. He recently stopped the diet and now that I can give him anything I found myself at a loss. Your blog has been helpful. Re: low iron, an issue he too had. We use ferrosolve as per our naturopath. It is not constipating and made a huge difference when he was anemic. Tx again!

    -Vic's mom