About Me

My name is Stephanie and I was born and raised in sunny Southern California. I married Mike, my best friend, in March 2003. Our first child was a black Standard Poodle named Apollo. Sadly, he's now low-man on the totem pole.
Zoe was born August 2005 and Ava followed three years later during June 2008. 
I'm a regular stay-at-home mom who WAS a registered veterinary nurse specializing in emergency and critical care for small animals. That seems like a lifetime ago.
Now, I own my own business making ID wristbands for kids.
Other than Ava's G-tube, we're a pretty regular family. 
Oh, I almost forgot...I have Celiac Disease. So after being sick for almost 35 years, the doctors actually figured it out. Within days of going gluten-free, my symptoms all started to disappear. My entire house is gluten-free. So if you come for dinner, you're going to be gluten-free too.

A few things about me:
~~I'm HUGE on nutrition and it's role in our health and development. Food just really fascinates me!
~~I'm a ridiculous chocoholic (and none of that dark chocolate stuff either!). If I could live off of sweets, I would! I live for my kids and would give my life to save theirs'...but I won't share my dessert with either of them!
~~I like to write...although I'm not formally trained.
~~I'm one of those crazy Disneyland people you hear about...we're pretty obsessed. We go ALL the time.
~~I also like to run...but my body has decided it doesn't. We fight about it all the time, but my body keeps winning...UGH!

I hope you can get a glimpse into our lives. It's been a horrifying few years. Life has changed in so many ways that I can't even begin to recount them all. But I'll try...

Thanks for reading.